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X-axis idler

Posted by bitbang 
X-axis idler
April 15, 2014 07:08AM
I've got my printer on week 2 2014. Since then, is there any hint or update about the X-axis idler? I was about to reprint the part, but discouraged when I saw a friend's printer with the same behaviour.

So in my case at least, if I tighten it well enough to make the acrylic/smooth pair stable, then the belt gets blocked too and the X-carriage can be very hard to move. If I loose it enogh to have the belt move freely around the idler (so the carriage can slide smoothly too), then it does not clamp on the smooth bar strongly enough to be stable and to prevent the acylic to (slightly) rotate around it

(I think this is messing bar/acrylic parallelism and influences Z alignment, making the bed appear U-shaped, among other things)
Re: X-axis idler
April 15, 2014 07:25AM
Hi bitbang

No, this part hasn't been changed. I would guess that the printed part is touching the middle of the bearing (the dust seal between the inner and outer race on the face of the bearing), and stopping it rotating - it should only touch the inner race. It could be a less than perfect printed part, but I haven't seen any particular problems with this on our machines.

Make sure the 8 bolts through the x-motor-mount are done up tight, particularly the ones around smooth rod; these will also help the x axis smooth rod from twisting.

Ian (now back from a week off, skiing slush in Austria!)
RepRapPro tech support
Re: X-axis idler
April 15, 2014 09:59AM
Thanks Ian,

What is your advice in case of the printed part touching the bearing moving race? File it out or reprint?
Also, I noticed there are two notches protruding from the bearing "support domes", whose function isn't clear to me. Apparently, these notches touch the belt when the piece is serrated.

[Edit: Just realized that reprinting then filing out the copy would be ways safer! ;-) ]

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Re: X-axis idler
April 15, 2014 10:54AM

I had the same Problem but i buyed now from an User here the X Parts in alu so this should Change the fact that it can move. Also i printed the X Idler part new out and i had the Problem not more.

Greets Mario
Re: X-axis idler
April 15, 2014 10:55AM
Hey why didnt i know it, you had could visit us here ^,^

Hope you had an fun week here and you did come home safe

Greets Mario
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