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PLA not sticking to bed

Posted by PeterSimpson 
Re: PLA not sticking to bed
November 19, 2017 03:50AM
Hi All,
I have an Ormerod V1 and I found it (PLA) didn't stick to the bed (tape) and was lumpy on print so I upped the temps, bed first layer = 90 and other = 75, extruder first layer = 220 and others = 210, I clean the tape with metho before printing and I also reduced the up/down slop in the extruder carriage, and it made all the difference, whether the temps too high but it seems to work for me, WHAT I found tho, was the Slic3r V 1.2.9 didn't change the M140 S90 code (bed temp) to what I put in there, it was M140 S60 so I have to change that manually after the gcode have been generated. Why I don't know at this stage.
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