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Sell Parts or Complete Printer?

Posted by orictosh 
Sell Parts or Complete Printer?
August 05, 2019 08:55AM

I have an Ormerod 2 RepRapPro Duel extruder, with quick set nozzles 3D Printer Model 528.4
Also has the duet add on board.

It has the aluminium X-Rib and Print Bed support upgrades, also a lead screw for the Z axis.

I'm wondering and looking to sell it or would it be better to break and sell each part of it ?


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Printer: Ormerod 2 (528.4) Duel extruder set-up with Aluminium X-Rib, RRPro Firmware v1.11-ch (2016-04-08)
Re: Sell Parts or Complete Printer?
September 20, 2019 01:45AM

Difficult to judge as I've not seen many on ebay for a while and none with dual extrusion - although I have one of those boards at home running a P3Steel with x axis levelling.

Recently paid £45 for a v0.8.5 board which is essentially a 5 axis v0.6. I'll check my notes but think the new Ormerod kit that I bought was about £130 and one with the aluminium but suspected fried noad about £90. All of the machines that I have had with the mk2 beds (pcb+alloy heat spreader) have had issues. One short on a RepRap Mendel nearly took the board with it.
Re: Sell Parts or Complete Printer?
September 20, 2019 03:03AM
I'm using DDMetalProducts Ormerod 2 bed support that I bought through you. Are you upgrading your machine, getting some space back, or scaling back your printing?
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