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smartrapcore 100*100*100mm*3

Posted by oz9ny 
smartrapcore 100*100*100mm*3
September 07, 2015 02:32PM
A long due project is close to be finished. Goal was to test core-xy and to have a small (portable) printer. The printer has been testet with a birdsnest of wires :-)

And to get rid of the birsanest I added a box frame under the original for hiding all the electronics. A ramp board plus a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint plus a powersupply.
I'm not sure about placement of the extruder. It may be moved to inside the box later.

The servo for bed levelling is a made from a simple wooden bracket.

All steppers (except extruder) is nema-14

Have fun
Re: smartrapcore 100*100*100mm*3
September 07, 2015 05:16PM
I like it!
Re: smartrapcore 100*100*100mm*3
September 09, 2015 04:54PM
wonderful smiling smiley

i dream of a small version here too , to put on our desks beside screens.. really great job oz9ny smiling smiley

the Smartrap project

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