Idea for a fire safety system.
January 05, 2016 11:19PM
So, I was discussing my new printer with a friend and the question got asked "What do you do if there is a fire?" I just responded that I'd have to watch it and have a fire extinguisher ready; but it got me thinking: "Can I automate the fire control job?" and here are my thoughts on the matter:
needed materials:
  1. A fire resistant enclosure
  2. A Raspberry Pi
  3. A smoke detector module like:
  4. A Relay board
  5. A Solenoid valve for a CO2 fire Extinguisher
  6. A CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  7. Miscellaneous wires, circuit boards, resistors, transistors, etc
So the Idea is as follows:
If a fire were to break out inside fire the enclosure it would contain it long enough for the smoke detector to detect the smoke from the fire, this would send a signal to the Raspberry Pi. The Pi from there would recognize the input and trigger the relay cutting off power to the Printer, at the same time or shortly there after the Pi would open the solenoid which would then release the CO2 fire extinguisher's contents into the closed space of the enclosure. I recognize that this isn't perfect by any means. it would have to be carefully designed and there are multiple failure points even then. I would love to have some feedback on my thoughts, at the moment they are just the casual ramblings of a 20 something on his day off from work, largely because I am bored; but I would love to see what improvements people can make on this concept. Who knows, I might actually build something like this someday when I have both the time and the money to do so.
Re: Idea for a fire safety system.
January 10, 2016 06:45AM
What happens if the power goes out, most likely in a fire.

Why dont you but something like this:

Im planning to add one to my printer, im building a encloser with plasterboard, 25mm of this material can stop the fire for 60minutes.
Re: Idea for a fire safety system.
June 10, 2019 10:45PM

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