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Maximizing Models for the "Common" Printer

Posted by Inq 
Maximizing Models for the "Common" Printer
May 27, 2019 11:41AM
I'm making things that are pretty large (as in multiple meters) and want to share them on sites like Thingiverse or equivalent. They don't have a forum or I'd ask there...
I'd chop them up to fit a "Common" volume. What would be a good "Common" volume?

I can't see cutting the model up for printers in the 100mm class (Monoprice Mini Delta). There would be hundreds of pieces. Although it would only require several pieces, I don't think there are that many printers in the 500mm class (Creality CR-10 S5). I have a Prusa (250mm x 210mm x 210mm) and want to target this size class. What size (smaller than the Prusa) should I target to maximize the accessibility of printers in the wild?

Re: Maximizing Models for the "Common" Printer
May 31, 2019 10:09AM
I'd cut up the print to 180x180x180 as many use brims and other priming around an object. Some also have clamps getting in the way, nibbling from the already limited build volume.

Other than that, I usually try non additive manufacturing first if the size is larger than what my printer can handle and use a CNC or other tools.

I myself wouldn't bother cutting up an object. If someone is crazy enough to print a multi meter object on such a 200mm cubed size printer, it's up to them to cut the object up. Just my 2 cents smiling smiley

The only large prints I've done is with vase mode or perimeter only prints without infill. It would take too much filament and time and if something goes wrong you loose a lot of time and filament.

Kind regards

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