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Making a large CoreXY printer

Posted by DickH 
Re: Making a large CoreXY printer
September 02, 2018 02:49AM
We've dicussed a method in a thread about 'exact constraint' and I made a short video, how the dual roller trick helps against racking.
IMHO you could live with a single ballscrew and a cantilevered bed with that gimmick at both sides of the bed.

Re: Making a large CoreXY printer
September 17, 2018 09:54PM
I'm pretty sure I'm happy with my z axis now, I just needed a slight modification to my brackets and everything seems fine. My problem now is that I'm having a problem finding a belt that is a suitable length. Does anyone know where I can get a belt somewhere between 175-190cm?
Re: Making a large CoreXY printer
September 26, 2018 04:01PM
I've bought a 1000mm+ closed belt from Amazon vendor '2GT Timing Belt Closed Loop', BEMONOC branded. The largest they list is 1524mm in both 6mm and 9mm. They have a wide selection in the 900-1000 range, maybe two belts would work?

Also, the Amazon vendor 'FidgetFidget' has a dropdown list of all the common sizes of belts, looks like 1524mm is the max.

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Re: Making a large CoreXY printer
November 26, 2018 04:49PM
Got around to poking at the printer again. I changed my carriage stuff again for a cleaner belt routing and easier attaching of the hot end or whatever. Also went ahead with a different belt route for the z axis so I could have something that works. I am waiting for one more pulley and I will just need to finalize how I want to mount the bed to the z axis. I have also played with my hot end arrangement, it just needs wired up. I have two versions, one with a probe, one without. I think I am going to go without the probe.

Re: Making a large CoreXY printer
May 13, 2019 02:20AM
Just a note on max GT2 belt lengths, I was looking for a specific belt and came across a 2220mm option (thought 1524mm was the max before):

Amazon 2220 GT2 belt
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