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CoreXYish IDEX

Posted by bondus 
CoreXYish IDEX
July 10, 2020 05:27AM
While thinking of alternative ways to do the kinematics of an IDEX machine I came up with this hybrid kinematics.

The belt routing is like a CoreXY, but each loop is connected to a separate head. The Y axis (the gantry) is run directly by two belt loops, either by two steppers or pulleys connected with an axle.

The main goal is, compared to a pure cartesian, move the heavy X motors to a static position.

As the CoreXY loops holds the gantry perpendicular to Y it might be possible, or even better, to use just one Y belt. The system is over constrained as drawn.

Has anyone built something similar or seen this before?
open | download - CoreIDEX.jpg (89.3 KB)
Re: CoreXYish IDEX
July 10, 2020 01:54PM
I think that's almost equivalent to dual MarkForged kinematics, but it has the disadvantage that the A and B belt tensions will tend to twist the X axis.

CoreXY IDEX has been implemented using CoreXYUV kinematics, CoreXYU kinematics, CoreXY+MarkForged kinematics, and dual MarkForged kinematics (and possibly others that I am not aware of). RepRapFirmware supports all of them.

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Re: CoreXYish IDEX
July 10, 2020 11:27PM
It is indeed very similar to a dual MarkForge, just a slightly different belt routing. The kinematics math is the same.

I think you are right that the racking forces are strong and this idea is bad
Re: CoreXYish IDEX
October 15, 2020 09:56AM
I'm looking to go IDEX as well with my CoreXY but use the belt routing from a Dual Wire Gantry to control the second X Axis, which can move independent of the coreXY gantry due to the belt routing pattern, I have experience with dual wire gantry as my printer started out as a dual wire gantry and eventually went to CoreXY, but in saying this, with the second X gantry running independent of the coreXY system, you would still need to send Y commands to the main gantry while the second X axis/gantry runs independent is marlin capable of this type of kinematics?
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