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wiki edit access

Posted by ZachHoeken 
wiki edit access
April 23, 2007 09:43PM
i can now make people editors on the wiki. if you were interested in helping with documentation or you're waiting to be made an editor, please let me know your username and it shall be done.
Re: wiki edit access
May 31, 2007 11:54PM
I'm interested... please grant me access.

I also want access to the Builders Blog... Do you know who can I get access?
Re: wiki edit access
June 24, 2007 12:28PM
Thank you so much! I have always thought, they should add this to that page... they need to tell people this... This is kind of late to post, since the thread was started in April, but people are still posting on my April thread about some cheap stepper motor.

Thank you,
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