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RRRF Fax number?

Posted by Leav 
RRRF Fax number?
July 20, 2008 02:51PM
Hi guys,
does anyone know if the RRRF store has a fax number?

My university can not order parts from a supplier unless they have a fax number.
and this is supposed to the leading tech-university in Israel *shakes head*.

I tried explaining that fax was *so* last millennium, and I have the whole order on e-mail and whatnot but they wouldn't listen...

My mentor said he'll use his own credit card and get a reimbursement later if all else fails but i'd like to still try and do it the normal way....

Re: RRRF Fax number?
July 20, 2008 07:41PM
as far as I know you can send a fax to a cellphone number.
It's quite unelegant to do so, but it's possible
(I received a fax that's why i know, and I don't think zach's cellphone provider is worse than mine winking smiley)

So, first:
go ahead and ask zach himself
via mail or private message in the forum
if he'd not interdict, send the fax to his cellphone
(AAAND a copy via email winking smiley)

Re: RRRF Fax number?
July 22, 2008 03:46AM
Funny, we have a super noveaux SAP system at my place of work.

It also is totally dependent on the faxmachine.

My college wanted to order something from a progressive company, i.e. no fax - impossible :-)

My suggestion:

Give your own faxbox number and take the fax and stuff it in the snailmail :-)

Hmm, how do you get the fax from the cellphone to the computer??

About a hundred years ago there where fax gateways on the internet :-)

More gossip... University of Urbana Champaigne, Il. Had computer classes with punchcode cards as late as 1988 :-) That was the year my school abandoned VT100 terminals :-)
Re: RRRF Fax number?
July 22, 2008 05:37AM
mimarob Wrote:
> Hmm, how do you get the fax from the cellphone to
> the computer??

You won't receive it on your cellphone.
All you will receive is a short message that there IS a fax waiting (at least that's what I got)
You then can log into the providers website and download the fax.
My .. let me count... third cellphone was able to send a Fax, that was weird,
just like a digital slingshot winking smiley

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