MELZI 2.0 stopped working
November 10, 2015 01:12PM
I have had my I3 prusa for 5 month now, and suddenly the Melzi board stopped working.

I noticed my LCD screen was blank and when I tried to connect, neither Repertier or pronterface would connect.
It shows up when I check if the correct FTDI drivers are installed, and it is the correct one's.

When I press reset on the board, the LED flashes once, when in USB mode, though otherwise it wont react at all.

If I enable Auto-reset, the LED will flash multiple times, and then stop.

I am beginning to worry that something is broken, but since I get no response, I cannot locate what is wrong ?

Hope somebody have any ideas
Re: MELZI 2.0 stopped working
November 14, 2015 01:58AM
LCD blank?
with Melzi powered up, restart PC
check in the system- hardware- devices- fi the COM port and USB serial are all okay
if you see them, them try to connect to the printer

if connects, then it is the LCD issue

by having Melzi board, you probably have a Zonestar P 802, if yes, then check the LCD holder.

un-mount the LCD from the frame and take off the back holder, you should see a pot there
try VERY carefully and gently turn counter clock wise to see if any changes, and then clock wise (never start to clock wise)

basically the LCD might be installed without one of the corner support screw and when installing it onto the frame the pressure builds up and compressed the POT and causing LCD to faint or to be too bright...

But if you can not connect, them it might be the Atmel chip that is out of service.....

good luck, and keep us posted!
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