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m-505 hesine threaded axis problems

Posted by merchant1307 
m-505 hesine threaded axis problems
March 13, 2016 11:00AM
The axis that goes up and down is having problems for me the side with the motor the threaded metal bar that goes into the 3d printed piece it seems to be stuck or jamming inside of the metal piece with female threading

what should i do replace the metal piece or is this side normally rougher?

does it need to be calibrated to work better how do i go about doing these properly for the up and down axis?
Re: m-505 hesine threaded axis problems
March 14, 2016 02:34AM
Make sure your Y axis is aligned. If you are using a Melzi that was going with the printer - you probably having not enough current supplied to Z motors. Lubricate the brass nut on the threaded rod and align both nuts properly. Make sure your Y axis goes up and down freely if you turn both leadscrews by hand (carefull, you'll need to re-align your Y axis again after you do this test).
First upgrade I did on this printer - put a fan on melzi. Melzi died anyways soon enough. Printer owner says it's the second Melzi board thad went bad on that printer, so I assume Melzi is not suitable for two Z motors in parallel. So I changed the controller to a RAMPS and ut is working ever since.
Re: m-505 hesine threaded axis problems
March 18, 2016 09:52AM
You have to make sure that both Z-Axis threaded rods are "engaged" so that the 2 parallel metal bars (X-axis that the extruder slides on) are parallel to the bed. You can do this with the machine off by manually turning both Z-axis rods by hand. Place a gageblock on either side between the motor mount and the white "X-End idler"/"X-end Motor".

I used a vernier to make sure that the distance on either side was within 0.025mm of each-other.

If the Parallelism is off then one of the motors will bind on the nut. I hope that makes sense.
Re: m-505 hesine threaded axis problems
March 19, 2016 11:25AM
i'm starting to see all kinds of problems with this printer this problem I got somewhat better by forcing the bar through the nut many times as well as cleaning both of them and then lubrication

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