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Extruder Help

Posted by Tallerp 
Extruder Help
March 16, 2016 11:36AM
I have recently completed my reprap and not long after, my extruder died on me. I ended up purchasing an e3d v6 and am now looking for an extruder setup to mount it on. My x-carriage has 2 holes that are spaced for a nema 17 motor. I would prefer to buy one pre made/pre printed but, I may be able to have a friend print it for me.

Re: Extruder Help
March 16, 2016 07:44PM
I've been using a BullDog XL for over a year with an E3D V6 and with the exception of a single foreign object jam, has been extremely reliable. I have used it to print PLA, ABS, and TPU.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: [drmrehorst.blogspot.com]
Re: Extruder Help
March 16, 2016 09:55PM
If you have someone willing to print for you why not try out the reliable standard of a Greg/Wade: [www.thingiverse.com]

I've been working on my own design for a dual extruder setup using the herringbone gears from the above, and it works very well. Working on my own design has made me realise how refined the version above is. It just didn't quite fit my needs or my bone-headed tendency to want to try my own thing smiling smiley
Re: Extruder Help
March 16, 2016 09:58PM
I have an EZStruder from SeeMeCNC on my Rostock Mini, though I am not sure I would recommend it. Nothing wrong with it, just not positive it is the best choice.
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