FoldARap 2.5 - I need some help!
November 20, 2016 09:47AM
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this kind of topic has already been treated. It's my first post in this forum, so I'm sorry if I put it in a wrong section.

I've having quite an issue with the RepRap I'm building right now. The model is a FoldARap. I didn't purchase a kit from OpenEdge (sorry if the creator read this topic ><) but I got some of the pieces from this website.

I burnt a fuse while approving some wiring. Nothing was working any more apart from heating the bed. After some researches, I found out someone here who had the same problem. I fixed it the same way replacing the fuse with a 8A from RepRapWorld. It's a 8A instead of a 5A, but it didn't seem to be a problem to this person.
Anyway after some delivery issues, I finally replaced the fuse.
The motion is back to a normal state, but I now have some heating issues. What ever I'm doing, using Prontrface or MatterControl, I have a constant temperature of 178 for the hot end. I thought the cartridge or the thermistor were damaged, but, it doesn't change anything when I'm changing them. But the thing is even when I'm launching the software, they told me a temp between 160-180C, which is not possible because the printer was not powered and it's not that hot in my flat...
Anyway, the hot end doesn't heat up to 170 or what ever the temperature is. Nevertheless, I set the temperature up to 230C and it's heating: I push the filament through the hot end and it's going through.

What is going wrong?

Thanks for you help!
Re: FoldARap 2.5 - I need some help!
November 20, 2016 01:27PM
Did you check the controller around the thermistor pin header for solder bridges or anything that could create an "almost shortcut"?
Re: FoldARap 2.5 - I need some help!
November 21, 2016 08:10AM
Okay thank you for the tip, I will try to test it tonight.
I asked on the 3D printing facebook group and someone answered me "The thermistor pin on the controller board is damaged".

I will see what I can do!

Re: FoldARap 2.5 - I need some help!
December 10, 2016 12:00PM

It's seems broken indeed. Is there any possibility to set up the pin for the second thermistor as the main one, is the firmware?
I made some research, but it doesn't seem any possible as far as I can see. But maybe someone around will be able to help me with this?

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