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Printrbot Rev D Board

Posted by cevans9921 
Printrbot Rev D Board
November 15, 2018 05:42PM
I have a old printrbot Rev D board from my first 3D printer I bought years ago. I've built another printer, an I3 style one and would like to use this board on the new frame but I'm having some issues. When I use the normal method of flashing the firmware to the printrboard I can get marlin on there but it leaves me with a couple issues. The Y endstop is always triggered, Aslo, I cant remember how to edit firmware on this board and couldnt find any thing online to help. If I could edit the firmware I could just fix the Y stop from being triggered.

I've also tried flashing marlin through the Arduino IDE using a few mods for at90usb1286 controllers. I followed all instructions to the T from this link: [blog.lincomatic.com] but still couldnt get my board to accept the firmware, this would have been really been beneficial sense I could have edited the firmware like a Ramps 1.4 board and use the config.h file.

Its been a few years since I've used this printrboard so I forgot exactly how it worked but I do remember it being a REAL PAIN compared to a ramps 1.4 but it does lay out nice prints when its working correctly.
Re: Printrbot Rev D Board
November 16, 2018 02:34AM
Try one of the more generic instructions for bootloading a TronXY/Anet A8 boards.

I had difficulty one time and it ended up being the cabling or the order I was doing something. Once I figured it out it was easy.
Re: Printrbot Rev D Board
November 16, 2018 03:01AM
its just a standard controller using a AT90USB1286... nothing that special or complicated

Lots of info here [reprap.org]

the blog you have referenced is referring to really old versions of the arduino ide... things have changed, a lot.

get a recent version of arduino ide [www.arduino.cc]
Download Teensyduino and install [www.pjrc.com]
Select board Teensy++2 in arduino ide
get a current version of marlin [github.com]
change motherboard in configuration.h to BOARD_PRINTRBOARD

compile and upload...

make other changes as needed.

This board still has one nice advantage over the other 8 bit controllers. Virtual UART, baud rates are ignored and it uploads data as fast as it can.

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Re: Printrbot Rev D Board
November 30, 2018 07:40PM
I spent a few months trying to figure it all out, a complete nightmare. save the headache, delete the old Arduino ide and all the extra junk.

Use PlatformIO to compile, Atmel Flip to program

or if you have a printrbot don't do any of it and use my marlin 1.1.9 firmware [github.com]
Re: Printrbot Rev D Board
November 30, 2018 07:41PM

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