PPS plastic any good?
November 24, 2018 01:47PM
I found a cheap source for PPS cutoffs ( polyphenylen sulfide ) .
Thick plates and thinner sheets available.
I was wondering, what to do with it? You rarely see it for sale.

PPS is one of the most important high temperature thermoplastic polymers because it exhibits a number of desirable properties. These properties include resistance to heat (220°C), acids, alkalies, mildew, bleaches, aging, sunlight, and abrasion. It absorbs only small amounts of solvents and resists dyeing.

Maybe a new buildplate?
Re: PPS plastic any good?
November 25, 2018 03:22AM
For common Deltas it would be a good separator between heated bed and electronics below. I prefer to build my Deltas with steppers on top, so it doesn't work for me.
Any other ideas?
Re: PPS plastic any good?
November 25, 2018 10:36AM
It looks like it would be a good material to anchor leveling screws for heated print beds.

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