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Help Identifying RepRap Printer

Posted by JakeKusters 
Help Identifying RepRap Printer
March 26, 2020 07:55AM

I've acquired this printer that was built around 2015 and I've been told is a RepRap printer.


I'd love to get it going. I've delved into the world of 3D printing already (work does it) and have had some experience working with coding through further education.

I've experienced a multitude of things. Because it wasn't working initially I installed the newer Marlin firmware but with no documentation it's hard to know how to set it up. The most success I've ever had is it can move somewhat in each axis but with big issues like moving one way but not the other, home is all messed up etc. I was given the firmware that was supposedly put on at the beginning however after finding the Arduino IDE compatible with the firmware I wanted to upload I got no where, printer wouldn't react at all and only ever remained in Idle using Repetier after adjusting baud rate and some other config settings.

So I'm at a loss of where to begin. I've considered using settings within the old firmware given to me to put into the new firmware and have a crack or build it from the ground up in terms of possibly replacing hardware and configuring. I've done so much so hopefully I can finally make some progress with peoples help.
Re: Help Identifying RepRap Printer
March 26, 2020 08:37AM
... moving in one direction only is most caused by not proper setup end-swiches and/or homing.

Print the G-Code "M119" to receive the actual status of the switches ...

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