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Folger Tech 2020 i3 Printer Kit (Official Thread)

Posted by Dan_FolgerTech 
Re: Folger Tech 2020 i3 Printer Kit (Official Thread)
September 27, 2020 09:29PM
Hi Dust,
Thank you for your suggestion.
After changing fpos_t to fposition with a new version, it seemed compile, then it did not upload.
I had to change the arduino board and the cable.

It had been 2 years since I stopped printing, and I was surprised how quickly and how much I forgot. I am at the ground zero.
Now I am struggling with x-axis home function: when I hit 'home x' the carriage flies to the max x requiring turning off. I found the x=0 is right at the middle of the x-range.
Any suggestion is welcome for this. I am afraid that I have to hackle the marlin.

Update: I have updated with Marlin1.1 and Arduino IDE, and it compiled fine. Above mentioned problem was solved by changing X_HOME_DIR to 1 (It was -1).
It now prints as expected.

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Re: Folger Tech 2020 i3 Printer Kit (Official Thread)
January 09, 2021 12:02PM
danielspartsdepot603, an Ebay seller/liquidator has 3D printer parts to sell in New Hampshire. I know Folger is closed but does this mean Folger has folded???

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