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Dual X axis motor

Posted by ianmcmill 
Dual X axis motor
September 13, 2015 05:12AM
Hey I wonder if a dual x axis motor setup would eliminate ghosting and cornering?

Like mirroring the x axis motor mount and puttting it on the right side aswell?

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Re: Dual X axis motor
September 13, 2015 04:43PM

I don't believe two motors may help.
First, a single motor is pretty enough for that task.

Possibles issues and solutions :
_ flexible belt => replace with quality fiberglass armoured belt.
_ wobble => replace your loose LM8UU by polymer or bronze bushings, and tight them for a no clearance fit.
_ not so round idler pulleys/bad belt guidance => replace idler bearings by proper GT2 pulleys mounted between 2x625RS bearings on custom Xend with flanges.


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