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Constant Greg-wades extruder jams

Posted by AudaciousTuddle 
Constant Greg-wades extruder jams
December 21, 2015 08:14PM
Short story, plastic is just slowly oozing from my nozzle, it seams to clog somewhere in the heat-break.

Long story: I have an e3d hot-end clone, on the end of a Greg-wades reloaded extruder. I replaced my Mk8 after the cheap stepper didn't have enough torque to run it reliably. I have not gotten a single print since I changed to the wades. As shipped my heat break did not have any sort of Teflon liner or anything so I bought a ptfe lined M6x40mm throat, after some slight modifications to my heat break (apparently I needed an M7 throat), I got that installed and it still doesn't print. I did get an oozing, but nothing near the vollume that I should be getting.

Here are acouple of my thoughts: I have bad filiment, my nozzle is too small, or something is wrong with my steps per mm.

Any thoughts?
Re: Constant Greg-wades extruder jams
December 21, 2015 08:32PM
A few more small details:

I don't know what size nozzle I have right now. It came with the hot end and the listing doesn't specify. I have a .5mm nozzle on the way, as well as a heatbreak that has M6 internal threads over the M7 that mine has. I'm also running my extruder at 420 steps/mm with1/32 microstepping (which I have not verified is calibrated yet)
Re: Constant Greg-wades extruder jams
December 22, 2015 03:08AM
You could try to extrude manually to see, if there are any tight spots in the e3d clone.
I had to drill mine open to feed the PTFE tube down to the M6 heatbarrier ( BTW: M7 doesn't exist smiling smiley ), because the filament got stuck in the heatsink from misaligned guide holes.
Before I did that, I had to unscrew the heatbarrier every time I changed filament. Now I can autofeed it all the way though the Bowden tube right into the heater block.
Re: Constant Greg-wades extruder jams
December 22, 2015 04:56AM
I'll try that when I get a chance. Probably later tonight. I'll also try to load the filiment manually, that might be a good work around until I get this figured out. Now like I said mine didn't come with a PTFE tube, and in my research I saw someone else had a clear plastic tube that looked like you just stuck into the heat-break. is not having one of those my problem? Would adding something like this [www.ebay.com] help?

Also M7 is really a thing, though admittedly much less common than M8 and M6. You can pretty quickly find some on McMaster Carr if you do some searching.
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