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0.01mm layer thickness

Posted by paperfrom 
0.01mm layer thickness
December 30, 2015 02:44AM
Hi everyone,

Can a normal (not modified) Prusa Mendel i3 achieve 0.01mm layer thickness?

Let say i am printing a cube 1cm height.
Can i get 0.01mm by adjusting 0.01 in the layer thickness in slicing software (Slic3r, Cura, etc.)? Is it just simple like that?
And confirm 0.01mm by getting the height of printed cube (by measuring) divided by the number of printed layers (by counting) => 1cm/(number of printed layers)?

Thank you.
Re: 0.01mm layer thickness
December 30, 2015 11:57AM
Theoretically it is simple as that.
Once I was able to print small parts with 0.08mm layer on my crappy I3. I highly doubt it is feasible to print 0.01mm layer height with it.
Re: 0.01mm layer thickness
January 12, 2016 11:24PM
I wonder if you can even get the bed level enough maybe with a granite bed using air bearings that is 0.3 thou as in .0003 inches and take a while to print
Re: 0.01mm layer thickness
January 13, 2016 04:41AM
Maybe looking for an SLA/resin printer instead?
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