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I think i burned the arduino, help!

Posted by vagonico 
I think i burned the arduino, help!
February 04, 2016 04:13PM
Hi all. i have a prusa i3 with a MKS board ( integrated arduino and ramps) . I disassembled the bowden extruder to change a plastic part and when i tried to make it work again it didn`t move. First i thought it was one of the a4988 drivers but when i changed it, nothing happened either. I tried changing the nema to another port and it worked, so i think it is the socket or something of the sort.
if anyone has any idea i would appreciate very much
Re: I think i burned the arduino, help!
February 10, 2016 08:29AM
Could be, I take it theirs no obvious damage to the board?
Take it out an inspect the components and check for any dry solder joints.

If theres damage you might be able to repair it, if not it would be worth picking up a replacement board or a cheap RAMPs (depending on how standard your printer is) to replace it with.
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