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A602 Prusa I3 printer........

Posted by splaq 
A602 Prusa I3 printer........
April 03, 2016 07:58PM
Ok, so I've done a lot of upgrades to this printer and I'm getting fairly decent prints.. However, I've decided to setup an auto bed leveling kit as the wingnuts on this thing are horribly unreliable at keeping a level bed, and the z-axis endstop is in a horrible place... Printed a mount for the servo, got everything all setup and hooked up and went to plug the servo in.. Nothing, there's no spot on this board for a servo.. At least that I see.. Am I possibly missing something?

That is the board that came with my printer.. Anyone else have this printer/control board and maybe have a solution that doesn't require buying a new control board and waiting a week for it to get here?
Re: A602 Prusa I3 printer........
April 04, 2016 10:00PM
I would just get a ramps and arduino board for cheap and use that.
Re: A602 Prusa I3 printer........
September 29, 2019 06:45AM
flash marlin to the latest, other wise the g29 code for bedleveling dosent exist.

Install the sensor into the z axis limit (splicing it)
Set the z axis offset to 0.1 after running. All home.

Then the probe functions as the endstop.

Getting the servo installed might take some more creativity running power to it from the fan power.

Not that I like necro posting but I hve the same board.

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Re: A602 Prusa I3 printer........
October 25, 2019 12:56PM
replace the wingnuts with nylocks
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