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jumping layers

Posted by erniehatt 
jumping layers
May 10, 2016 05:29PM
Hi All,,
I have been using Symplify3d, and recently tried printing a new part for the printer.
Firstly it printed it in a mirrored configuration, print was fine. so I mirroed it to the correct way, and low and behold it now prints with jumped layers,also tried printing another model that previously worked, same problem.
These are the things I have checked.
Belt tension.
I changed the X axis bearings as they seemed a bit scratchy.
Checked the motor driver, running nice and cool, have a fan on them.
Just can't understand why it should suddenly change. can anyone give me some clues please.
Also can anyone link me to where I can purchace some printed X axis printed parts with 8M threads, want to get away from those 5M rods. Thanks.
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