newby help please
March 18, 2017 02:27PM
Hi guys
I'm new to this and have no clue as to what I'm doing.
Can someone tell me what distance the hot end should be from the bed.
What temp for PLA and the same for ABS.
Re: newby help please
March 18, 2017 04:48PM

Im fairly new my self.(to. 3d printing) Have been thinking for a few moth. Its really interning in many aspects.
Im sure you will have fun.

I distance between bed. is about 0.1mm.
Use a normal A4 paper as a "shim" between the bed and the nozzle. You should feel the nozzle "scratching" the nozzle when moving it
around between nozzle and bed.

I print PLA with about 205C. bed at about 50C. Fan off for the 2 first layers. then it goes to full.
ABS about 250C. bed 70C. No fan..

Hope it helps.
You will have to adjust (probably) to you're printer though.
first. start with 30mm print speed. then try higher setting later..

Have fun!
Re: newby help please
March 19, 2017 04:29AM
Just to add to Satorcodex's excellent advice. Before levelling the bed make sure there is no filament sticking to the bottom of the nozzle, otherwise your setting will not be correct.
Re: newby help please
March 19, 2017 06:13AM
Guys thank you both for the info your both brilliant.
Re: newby help please
March 19, 2017 01:31PM
No problem!

It can be very frustrating at times. But when it works out and you have a nice print.
Its really cool! smiling smiley

I try to learn too.
This is a awesome forum with alot of very knowleble people. And they contribute very much too noobs like my self.
So, I try to contribute when I can do so, too.

happy printing! smiling smiley
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