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filament cooling fan shroud?

Posted by Cougar281 
filament cooling fan shroud?
January 10, 2018 12:30AM
Before the power supply croaking, I printed out a PETG temp tower, and to be honest, from 250 all the way down to 220 (which is a bit below the recommended minimum), I really couldn't distinguish much difference. The columns seemed fine from top to bottom, but all of the overhangs had issues and the bridges were a total loss. I did a little more reading, and it seems like a cooling fan is somewhere between a good idea and needed with PETG. Most of my prints with PETG have come out pretty good, but overhangs have been 'iffy'. Ive been looking through thingiverse to see if anything stands out as a workable shroud/duct for my print head carriage, but nothing has jumped out at me.

The print head carriage for my printer looks like this:

I'm thinking something in general idea similar to this, that could attach behind the existing fan and duct air around it and down to the print (from here), but of course, I'm open to suggestions:

Does anyone happen to know of something that might work for the print heads & carriage that I have?
Re: filament cooling fan shroud?
January 10, 2018 03:13AM
What kind of head is that ? The fan seems to blow on the flat side of the heatsink isn't ? I hope there is an opening for the airflow to go through it.

As for the part cooling fan, why not make it yourself and make its orientation adjustable. ? You have to avoid cooling the heatblock and nozzle
A plus is to use Al tubes to direct the air flow. Do a search here for proper design and discussion about.

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Re: filament cooling fan shroud?
January 10, 2018 10:16AM
There is no heatsink, but there is an opening - the fans sole purpose in life is to cool the throats down and keep the heat from the hot end from soaking them.

As far as designing one, I'd love to, but designing something like that is WAY above my pay grade at this point. I couldn't even make a stick with a hole in one end and a slot in the other (to replace a broken part on my daughters easel). I've tried a bunch of 3D design applications, and for the most part, IMO, they suck. Now maybe I was just missing something, but the big thing that drove me crazy was that in all of the ones I tried except OpenSCAD, just moving around the model to look at it from different angles was an epic chore. I never really got real far with them because that drove me insane and I gave up. OpenSCAD was great in that regard, but being command line driven, that's a challenge in and of itself. Why can't these 'super' applications support something as simple as click and drag to move around the model, and scroll wheels to zoom, like Cura does?

Before I can even think about trying to design something like this, I need to get some time to sit down and try to learn one of the various 3D design applications.
Re: filament cooling fan shroud?
August 07, 2018 11:30AM
Sounds to me like you are needing Fusion 360. It has a free startup registration for makers and you get very good support videos on YouTube.
Look at Lars Christenson's videos.

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