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Z axis dual motors

Posted by erniehatt 
Z axis dual motors
June 15, 2018 12:34AM
this is probably a dumb question.
How do you connect the motors in paralell?
Re: Z axis dual motors
June 15, 2018 12:46AM
Connect the wires of both the motors together.

Eg. If you have Green, Red, Blue, Black wires, then connect the corresponding Green, Red, Blue, Black wires from the other motor.

Depending on what type of control board you are using, sometimes there are two connector ports available for the Z stepper motors which is then driven off the one stepper driver.

On the RAMPS 1.4, there are two spots for the Z stepper motors to plug into, so you don't need to worry about connecting the wires together.
Re: Z axis dual motors
June 15, 2018 03:55AM
that's how I have them connected.
Is it possible to have them use separate drivers, is there any advantage in that.

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Re: Z axis dual motors
June 15, 2018 05:02AM
I used a DRV8825 to drive two 42BYGHW811 stepper motors, with no issue. Yes the stepper motors were the wrong size for the application, but it worked.

My thoughts on running a driver for each motor would be that you need the full power of each motor for the application. The fact that the motors on the Z axis are on very little compared to the other axes you there's no real advantage of driving them separately.
Re: Z axis dual motors
June 15, 2018 07:11PM
Thanks for the info.
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