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How to get software set up

Posted by bryan1 
How to get software set up
July 05, 2019 11:28PM
I installed software onto my previous computer a couple years ago for a M - 505 prusa i3. I don't understand this stuff well but the software on my computer allowed me to do things like move the units nozzle across the bed, adjust the nozzle and bed temperature, and feed the filament. I pretty much used it to level the bed.

I have a new computer that I'd like to have that same functionality so I'd like to install that software. The problem is I remember it being a pain to install last time and it installed on windows 8 and I'm not sure how compatible that software would be with windows 10. The software given by the manufacturer is on a micro sd drive which isn't even seen when I plug it in to install (I think the file formatting is incompatible). So I don't get a "USB Serial Port" option when I try to manually install it in the device manager like the instructions say to do. I'm not sure if it's due to windows 10 or due to there being no sd card in the drive. I just got the software from my cloud.

I might be confusing people. My question is do you think there's a way to get that software working or is there another way to manually control the printer bed with my computer for calibration. I'm not sure if I need the manufacturer's software or if there's some generic prusa software that will work and isn't a pain to set up.
Re: How to get software set up
July 06, 2019 07:24AM
1st let me say that most of the programs do work in Windows 10 though Windows 10 is a real pain in the traditional sense of the word.
You would think by now Windows would have adopted one of the Start Orbs, for those of us who like the old windows Start Menu Orb System.

I like turning my Windows 10 into a more usable service by using one to the Classic menus programs.

I use Classic Shell this gives my new windows 10 this Classic menu, If you set it up correctly then simply by pressing the Windows key you are using the Windows 10 New Menu.
Or the Classic Shell Menu. You can select any Start orb you desire, I setup a smiley Face Start Orb.

My Setup for Classic Shell
Smiley Face Orb attached

The Orbs can be found anywhere Simply search for "windows Start Orbs"


If you have any problems just post.

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Re: How to get software set up
July 10, 2019 12:14AM
To control your printer from a PC try Pronterface
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