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Is it possible...

Posted by Thanos_of_MW 
Is it possible...
October 22, 2016 03:21PM
I recently got my E3D Legendary pack and setup the Marlin firmware for dual extrusion and installed the Chimera hardware. everything went well and I am dual extruding with different materials and colors. Colors aren't that clean as I have to tweak it more I guess, but I understand the Cyclops is better at dual color (not so with dual materials) so I want to try that next. I understand I have to change the offsets and trick Marlin into using one thermistor instead of 2. My question is, is there a branch of Marlin or any way that will give me the ability to "menu select" either setup instead of re-flashing every time I want to change Chimera to Cyclops or vice versa?

Printers: Heavily redesigned TwoUp with E3D V6 and Robo3D R1+ with Chimera/Cyclops
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