Weird temperature issue
January 17, 2018 04:47PM
I have a tevo tarantula printer and i have marlin easyconfig flashed. My board is the mks 1.4 . Here is my issue.. no matter if i am heating the nozzle or the heatbed, both temps read the same temperature. So if i start heating the heatbed both temp readings on the lcd slowly go up until it hits the heatbed temp and stops.. though just the heatbed was heated. If i heat just the nozzle, both temp readings on the lcd go up faster until the nozzle is at temp and then stops..though just the nozzle was heated. So if i start by clicking preheat pla, both nozzle and heatbed start heating though the temps on the display are rising at nozzle speed so when they hit 70 (my heatbed setting) the heatbed turns off though in reality the heatbed is only 30 or so degrees.. the heatbed wont turn back on because both temperature readings on the display read 210(my nozzle setting)... both thermosistor wires are plugged in to thier respective slots on the mks 1.4 .. the nozzle sensor in the top slot and the heatbed sensor in the second slot.. can anyone help with this?
Re: Weird temperature issue
January 20, 2018 09:03AM
If you selected MKS gen 1.3 board in the config.h then it uses the same input pins as the ramps.h.
I would guess you have a short circuit on the 2 analogue pins 13,14 of the processor,look for blobs of solder ,failing that, ask for a replacment board
Re: Weird temperature issue
January 21, 2018 05:31PM
Yep.. that was the problem.. fixed with a razor blade and a magnifying glass.. all better now! Thanks!
If anyone else with this issue reads this.. you need to make sure that pins 83 and 84 of the 2560 chip ( big square one on board) are not touching each other...
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