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How to specify a Different PWM pin (43) for BLTouch RAMPS

Posted by Eddiie 
How to specify a Different PWM pin (43) for BLTouch RAMPS
March 17, 2019 02:52PM

I am going bonkers getting BLTouch working. All my servo pins are used for other things. But I have pin43 available, pretty sure it has PWM on it.

How do I tell Marlin to use pin43 for BLTouch?

Also, I have the trigger connected to ZMAX (still want to use ZMIN switch). What changes do I need to make to make it use ZMAX pin? The configuration is confusing to me. Comments in configuration.h for Z_MIN_PROBE_ENDSTOP seem confusing to me. "Enable this option for a probe connected to any pin except ZMIN. (By default Marlin assumes ZMAX endstop pin)."
So, since I have it connected to ZMAX, do I need to enable this or not? Since Marlin is assuming ZMAX already... ? Or is the comment typo and mean Marlin assumes ZMIN pin?
I currently have it uncommented so it is included when compiling.

The setting just above, Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN is commented out.

Am I silly to want to use ZMIN switch and a probe?
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