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version 1.9 too slow

Posted by ekpp 
version 1.9 too slow
April 15, 2019 11:55PM
I will put all in context, i wa using v1.8 wich was realy 1.07 and had problems on under struding and speed, have a bowden extruder with about 50cm of teflon tube, so i think the problem was presure, so i tryed lLIN_ADVANCE, I did the tests an seem not been working at all, so , updated to 1.9 and now it´s working advance but the speed is too slow.
So is any known solution for the slow down speed, or other solution for presure on the old 1.7 ?
Re: version 1.9 too slow
April 19, 2019 12:20PM
So I have tested and it´s LIN_ADVANCE, after some debuguin I have found
Acceleration limited
More than 2 steps per eISR loop executed
That is making go TO slow whith LIN_Advance

and also i found much code related whit DISTINCT_EFACTOR and MIXING EXTRUDER
but sanity seas that MIXING STRUDER IS INCOMPATIBLE WHIT LIN_ADVANCE, so it my be a future request developing, I dont know.

Does anyone Know anithing about this code?, that can help me.
Re: version 1.9 too slow
April 19, 2019 01:19PM
The Marlin guys and gals over here might be interested in your findings and for sure should be able to help you ..

Marlin peeps

You'll need a github login username/pw (if you haven't already) to post in the issues section.

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