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Use G38 on E axis for robotic arm

Posted by GITRDUN 
Use G38 on E axis for robotic arm
April 22, 2019 06:42PM
I made a modified version of the Moveo arm to auto load one of my CNC machines. I have installed limit switches on XYZ and E axes. I am trying to use G38.2 to move E axis until an endstop is triggered but it only works for XY or Z axis. I can send (G38.2 G0 X-500. F300) and it will stop when i trigger the Z minimum end stop. This works for X Y or Z. But when i use it with E axis it will not stop. Is there a way that i can use this or something similar to get an end stop to work for E axis? I only need it to stop when triggered. I can the use a G92 to origin the axis.

I origionaly built this using Mach3 but having an exposed PC in an industrtial environment is just is a bad idea. The reason for using Marlin is i can use the Arduino/Ramps and LCD display combo which is much smaller, cheaper and easier to deal with. Downside is it is really only capable of driving 5 axis without getting extremely creative. Was not able to find a 6 axis control for GRBL that could make use of the LCD display. Or at least im not smart enough to make that work without spending a ton of time that i dont have.

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