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Copying files to Marlin SD over USB

Posted by interestingfellow 
Copying files to Marlin SD over USB
September 23, 2019 10:29AM
I have an Alunar M505 (Anet A8) with an older version of Marlin on it. I will be updating it when I understand more about how to do it.
I am running Cura 3.2.1 because my laptop is W7 32bit, I will be installing W7 64bit on my next OS refresh install, so I can use more modern software.
I have dialed in PLA and PET. Now that I can stumble through actual printing, I'm looking at using the printer software more efficiently.

I am a total noob and have a super simple question before I go installing all the wrong software on my PC and trying to break my printer by updating Marlin incorrectly. I don't need a step by step explanation, I will read the appropriate documentation to get the how, I just want the basic block diagram kind of answer:

Can I use Explorer or Cura to copy gcode files from my computer (Cura) ever USB to the SD card in my Marlin based printer?

if it's possible, but not with Explorer or Cura then what software do I need to use? (Repetier?)

Thanks in advance for your help and patience.
Re: Copying files to Marlin SD over USB
September 23, 2019 06:57PM
on 8 bit controllers its best to physically put the SD card into your pc to copy files to it. You can upload over usb/serial.. but its so painfully slow! (it takes almost as long as it takes to print object. the upload speed is limited to the baud rate of your firmware and the write speed of your SD card.)

It does not show as a drive on your computer so forget about explorer.

printrun/pronterface will let you upload... (I dont use cura)

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Re: Copying files to Marlin SD over USB
September 29, 2019 09:19PM
Thabk you!
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