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Using Marlin 2.x and saving UBL mesh into EEPROM, how to make minor adjustments in the firmware?

Posted by pthieu 
I've upgraded to Marlin 2.x and am trying out UBL, saving the mesh data into EEPROM.

I've run into an issue where if I want to reconfigure the z-probe offset to my nozzle, I have to go through the whole mesh leveling again (plus reset and resave to EEPROM).

What are the correct steps to keeping the previous UBL mesh in EEPROM while also being able to reflash minor changes to the firmware configuration and having it take effect?

I'm verifying by doing an M501 after a firmware flash, I think this will read what's in EEPROM, feels like the new configuration won't take effect since I have RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28. Not sure if this restores old settings as well?
First of all, resetting your EEPROM (M502) should not overwrite your mesh as long as you have saved it with ''G29 S". You should be able to restore it by using "G29 L" and then activate it with "G29 A1".

In case you are running into a bug where the mesh is being overwritten, or you need to replace your board with a new one, you can use "G29 S-1" to print out gcode commands that will reset the mesh. Save those commands as a gcode file that you can replay to get the same mesh back.
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