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Ender 5 slams into X and Y endstops! Firmware?

Posted by cheapo 
Ender 5 slams into X and Y endstops! Firmware?
March 08, 2020 04:38PM
As per thread title. The first thing I printed on my Ender 5 was the cat from their SD card, and the way the carriage banged into the end stops was shockin' missus!
I've read that the firmware can be altered to reduce the homing speeds. So do I need an update? As I can't imagine there's any way to make changes through the basic control board.
Which firmware is currently recommended?
Thanx in advance to any assisting peeps.

Engineeringwise, I'm 'aving a larf!
Re: Ender 5 slams into X and Y endstops! Firmware?
March 25, 2020 06:08AM
How comfortable are you with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, or using a TINYUSP board??
In order to upload new firmware to a stock Ender, you'll need to either use a USP to flash the firmware directly, or Arduino/ Pi to load a Bootloader and then you can upload new firmware via USB cable from Mac/PC.

I have just uploaded Marlin on my Ender 5... it IS pretty full (the install uses 98% available space), but I don't use BLTouch &c...

I followed a great WebPage detailing how to load boot loader with Raspberry Pi (Link--> [www.fission3d.com] ) step by step instructions easy to follow.

Now I can upload new firmware as it is released....

Happy to support you in your journey!! :-)


p.s. I also saw a YouTube post where someone bent the levers on their X Y end stop switches meaning the rollers made contact a fraction of a second early and that, according to them, stops the carriage bashing into the end stop!!

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