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Issue with my G-code and using M190, please help

Posted by nashefm 
Issue with my G-code and using M190, please help
April 09, 2020 06:43PM
Hi all, I am trying to print masks for the pandemic, so I found someone who adjusted their G-code to reprint masks by peeling off the print and starting to reprint using a modified g-code, my printers are Ender3 pros, I am using Cura 4.5 to slice, the issue I am having is that when the print is done, the Code is supposed to drop the temp of the bed to 15 degrees, and that info is actually displayed on the screen when the print is done, however, what is happening is once the temp hit about 42 degrees it tries to push the mask but it is NOT coming off since the temp is still at 42 degrees the printed mask is not coming off easily since it is still stuck to the bed. any suggestions or recommendations?

Here is the G-Code:

M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
G0 Z25.000 F1000 ; Hover above print
G90 ;Absolute positionning

G0 X135.000 Y230.000 F4800; move into position
M140 R15.000
M190 R15.000000 ;Wait for bed to cool
G0 Z1.000 F1000 ; Lower Gantry
G0 Y0.000 F2000 ; knock it off!

M300 S300 P500
Re: Issue with my G-code and using M190, please help
April 10, 2020 06:46PM
One thing is that you don't need both an M140 and an M190. But I don't think that would cause this problem. You might try adding an M400 after the M190 to make sure everything is synced.
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