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extruder control with marlin and Delta printer

Posted by catmandu 
extruder control with marlin and Delta printer
June 29, 2020 08:08AM
Hello , What controls the speed of the extruder motor in merlin? How does the firmware tell if there is a geared or direct drive extruder? The extruder on my Delta is pushing out about 3 times the amount of filament than it should be .i.e If I ask for 100mm I get 300mm extruded, It is the same with Repetier and Pronterface. I have a Delta and cartasian printer and , using the same stl file on both , the Delta cannot print because of the extra filament whilst the cartasian makes a perfect print. The cartasian (Anet A2) has the stock controller (running marlin) and the Delta has a SKR V1.3 board. I have tried 2 different drivers and all combinations of microstep settings with the same results. Another strange occurence is that the sliced file gives 680mm length of filament needed and this is what the cartasian uses whilst the Delta records 680mm on the screen but has pushed out close to 2metres. Any ideas as to solving this would be greatly appreciated.
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