Filament sensor false positives
February 22, 2022 07:41AM
Hello Marlin forum

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I'm new (to this form that is) but I have quite a lot of experience with Marlin, 3D Printers in general, Ender 3, Ender 5 and Tenlog TL-D3 Pro in particular, so I will answer as many questions as I can.

At this time, however, I need some reflection; I have an Ender 3 (far from stock) with a runout sensor. The problem is the sensor triggers randomly.

I have changed the mainboard (was an SKR 1.4 Turbo, is now an SKR2), the sensor (was a simple switch, is now a BTT SFS), the cable, the firmware (2.0.x beta latest commit on feb 20).

Still randomly triggering the M600. What else can I do to fix this?

I've read that the FILAMENT_RUNOUT_DISTANCE_MM must be 7 mm for this sensor, and higher or lower will result in even more false positives. What options do I have? filament detection is -- effectively -- impossible at this time.

Thank you kindly for your input

my config (at least the relevant parts)

  #define NUM_RUNOUT_SENSORS   1

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Re: Filament sensor false positives
February 22, 2022 03:32PM
Update, per suggestion I tried 3 mm as well as 10 mm for the FILAMENT_RUNOUT_DISTANCE_MM, and tried both HIGH and LOW for FIL_RUNOUT_STATE.
No improvement.

If anyone has other things to try, please let me know ...

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