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ratrig v core 3 config needed

Posted by Nikki81 
ratrig v core 3 config needed
May 20, 2022 11:42AM
Has anyone got a config file for a ratrig v core 3 300 that they are willing to share. I have looked in the config files repo but there are non for ratrig machine's strangely

Thanks Nikki

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Re: ratrig v core 3 config needed
May 20, 2022 04:49PM
I followed the Links

To RatOS below


Which shows
Currently Supported Printers

Rat Rig V-Core 3
Rat Rig V-Core Pro 1.3
Rat Rig V-Minion

To github


RepRap Firmware version 3.2.2. For an official guide from Duet

It lists for many controllers which are you using

BIGTREETECH Octopus v1.1 Wiring Diagram
Duet 3 Mini 5+ with Duet 3 Expansion Mini 2+
Duet 3 6HC
SKR Pro 1.2

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Re: ratrig v core 3 config needed
May 21, 2022 03:30AM
Thank You for your reply i was aware of RatOS (Klipper) but i would like to stick with marlin unless someone could tell me that i would have better results using Klipper. I have grabbed the config from the RatOS over the next few days ill try and build a config file for marlin using the the info from the the klipper files.

Thanks Nikki
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