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Two different home positions

Posted by edensan 
Two different home positions
January 03, 2024 03:47AM
Hi all,

Fist everyone best whishes for 2024!!

I have strange thing :
If i home my machine it goes yo the right back of the plate.
I statrt print(cnc) and i get strange result (not as planned on the plate) if i quit tge job the machine homes at the front left of the machine. Ibstart same job at this position and now its running the job okay.

My goal is to home left front. Every time (also whit homing true the menu)
My endstops located at min at front left (and configured this way also ) left front is 0,0,0

How can i do this?

Greetz Edwin
Re: Two different home positions
January 03, 2024 06:56AM
... check the settings in your configuration and if you have some different G-codes in a pre-/post-macro.

You have to define yhe position of the limit-/homing-switches and the seeking direction for homing accordingly ...

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Re: Two different home positions
February 28, 2024 11:39AM
z safe homing off
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