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0.8.5 can't change MAC address

Posted by n8bot 
0.8.5 can't change MAC address
November 03, 2016 11:47PM
I'm trying to troubleshoot someone's 0.8.5 that they couldn't get to see on their network. I have it hooked up to my network, and I have changed the MAC address in config.g, but it seemingly doesn't take effect. When it connects, it messes up the IP address for my other duet (that has the default beefdeadfeed mac). When I disconnect my duet that works, connect the problem duet, it shows up with an IP address that I did not configure and with the old beefdeadfeed MAC instead of the one I configured.

Any ideas? It's running firmware 1.15 beta 3 (early august)
Re: 0.8.5 can't change MAC address
November 04, 2016 04:23AM
Please share your config.g file.

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Re: 0.8.5 can't change MAC address
November 04, 2016 11:58AM
Unfortunately the board is no longer in my possession. Which aspects were you curious about? I know pretty well what was in it, so I can provide that to you.

I tried several things from DHCP, to assigning a static IP, etc. I came to the conclusion (after making this post last night) that the SD card might not be getting read properly. The suspect duet has never been used, so we have had no way to ever verify if the SD card is being read. I'm going to get the person to try a new sd card and see if it works. It's odd, because the SD card can be read and written from and to by a windows PC.
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