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Looking for people to build one in London

Posted by Ollie 
Hi all,

I would love to find a couple of like minded people that would like go in on building one to share costs/build/inspiration also find someone that would have a working space to house one. Any thoughts of suggestions greatly appreciated!!!


Seriously no one is interested in share building one here in London or aware of people that have built one they could put me in touch with?

Thanks smiling smiley
Re: Looking for people to build one in London
April 15, 2010 11:49AM
Peter "Sci" Turpin is in London:

Try pinging him and good luck. smiling smiley

-Sebastien, RepRap.org library gnome.

Remember, you're all RepRap developers (once you've joined the super-secret developer mailing list), and the wiki, RepRap.org, [reprap.org] is for everyone and everything! grinning smiley
Thanks Sebastien will try him out!

Re: Looking for people to build one in London
November 02, 2010 07:12PM
Hi Ollie,

I am in London and would really like to build one.
The kit from mendel-parts.com looks to be the easier solution for me at the moment:
However I would like to save the 260 euros of the plastic part, or pay it cheaper to someone. Let me know if you can help me for this.
By the way, I will be willing to print those plastic parts for anyone who need it, once I have my own RepRap smiling smiley


Re: Looking for people to build one in London
January 11, 2011 07:55AM
You can probably turn up at london hackspace and find one of the 4 or 5 people they have building their own currently smiling smiley

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