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Extruder parts problem

Posted by joblafors 
Extruder parts problem
February 07, 2010 08:47AM
I have written down almost all I need and am ready to make my order to get all parts I need for mendel (from about 6 internet shops eye popping smiley ).
But I am having few last problem.
I got most of them (all the electronics), but having problem with PTFE Insulator (15mm) this costs £40.25 sad smiley Heater Barrel are problem two, partlister doesn't list where to get them. Makerbot has something, but I think thats for completely different setup.
And to make ThermoplastExtruder Version 2.0 I have to make order from additional 4 different places, and that sucks sad smiley
Any help please, is there anywhere where I can order ThermoplastExtruder Version 2.0 KIT, or all parts from one place ? I`m relay confused with this.
Any help appreciated, thank you !
Re: Extruder parts problem
February 07, 2010 08:53AM
You can order insulators and heater barrels from reifsnyderb but he's in the US.

That doesn't cover the RP parts for the extruder, of course.

I'm building it with Baling Wire
Re: Extruder parts problem
February 07, 2010 06:41PM
I cut my extruder block from wood, and I'm trialing a brass wood screw as my extruder barrel. Still haven't decided how I'm doing my thermal break, perhaps a bit of stainless steel rod or something- SS has fairly low thermal conductivity

Wooden Mendel
Teacup Firmware
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