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[UK] Wanted: Prusa bushings

Posted by jmgiacalone 
[UK] Wanted: Prusa bushings
December 07, 2010 02:46PM
I only have white ABS as feedstock and have printed a full set of Prusa Mendel parts, but I need some bushings, either in PLA or better still HDPE.

I plan to sell this set on eMAKERshop, so I'm willing to either pay or trade for printed parts (white ABS only). Or someone could offer the bushings for sale on eMAKERshop themselves if you are interested.




Re: [UK] Wanted: Prusa bushings
December 08, 2010 03:06AM
I will give them a shot tomorrow. I'll try both filled and unfilled so you can be the judge on which to use. I am in the US, but I was looking to have people try my printed parts as I am looking to start selling PLA bushings and Prusa RP sets. Is it expensive to ship from New York to the UK?

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Re: [UK] Wanted: Prusa bushings
December 08, 2010 07:19AM
That sounds great. As the parts are neither bulky nor heavy, I don't think shipping will be too expensive. I just shipped a Wade's extruder set to New York for the equivalent of less than $10US.
Re: [UK] Wanted: Prusa bushings
December 09, 2010 09:04PM
Ok, So far the prints are looking good. I sliced them both filled and unfilled, and the fill really doesn't exist too much, only around the mounting base, which is beneficial. Want to PM me your address so I can send them? As long as nothing goes wrong I will send you 18 (6 extra).

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