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Cabinet Widget

Release status: unknown

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Description RBS part
License GPL
Author Timschmidt, Sebastien_Bailard
Based-on ?
Categories RBS
CAD Models none
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A cabinet widget, also called a fixit block or corner block holds two sheets of material together, fixing them at right angles, similar to the Grid beam concept.

Fixit blocks are used in many FlatPack RepStrap designs, such as mfsamuel's WedgeStrap[1] and Bodgeit’s Huxley Seedling and Bodgeit’s Repstrap Bertha and Giles Bathgate's OverlapStrap design.[2]

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Further reading

  • Fixit blocks are one kind of knock-down (K/D) joint[3]
  • A fixit block can be thought of as a very short piece of grid beam.