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Future plans

The current version of RepRap is RepRap 2.0 "Mendel". We hope to be able to incorporate more advanced features to bring an improved machine. This area is 'mostly' pure speculation. There is however a tinge of reality in the claims presented here. Feel free to attempt to do any of these things and report back.

A fundamental principle of the RepRap project is that anyone who has a RepRap machine will always be able to use it to build the next generation improvement. That way even if you start with the very bootstrap machine, you can always build your way back up to the full technology. Of course this may not always be possible, but we will try our very best!

The names will always commemorate famous biologists - after all, the point of RepRap is replication and evolution.

v1.0: Darwin

  • 3D cartesian robot made from RP parts and steel rods.
  • CAPA / HDPE / ABS print head capable of .5mm extrusion
  • Electronics and software to control above systems.
  • Offer parts kits and boards to help people get involved more easily.
  • Create a thriving online community around the machine, its software, and objects to create.


  • Support material extrusion head to allow printing of parts with overhangs > 45deg.

v2.0: Mendel

  • Again, a Cartesian robot from RP parts.
  • Print head capable of printing conductive material to create embedded circuits
  • Expand the online community with a custom website of objects to build.
  • Expand parts kits to encompass the whole project from top to bottom.
  • Reduce number of external parts needed.
  • Internationalize the software and localize into at least one non-English language.

v3.0 and Beyond

  • Possibly a turntable to do circular prints more easily.
  • Expand to a wide variety of materials: ceramics, wax, metals, etc.
  • Keep improving the technology.
  • Reduce number of external parts needed.

Interesting Technology

File Formats for Multiple Materials

File formats for multiple materials will be needed for Mendel as it will be able to work with a range of different build polymers, metals, ceramics, and other chemicals.

Materials Experimentation

Materials Experimentation: ceramic, colored, conductive, cement, aluminum, wax, pen/paper or just plain cool!

Future Toolhead Ideas

Future Toolhead Ideas And boy are there alot of them! Tools are what set humans apart from apes, and its no different with robots. The ones with better tools will be the ones who reproduce.

Soft Tooling For Casting

main article: Moldmaking Tutorial

Soft Tooling For Casting is not really a RepRap technology. But it is a very useful adjunct to any rapid prototyping system. It allows you to rapid prototype a part simply, and then to make moulds for it and cast the part in many other materials, of which perhaps the most useful is epoxy resin.

Optical Sensor

A simple FDM opto-interrupter module. Limit switches are crucial to 'injury' free operation. Ya don't want to be cranking on the old axes the wrong way now :D

Turning a DC Motor into a Stepper Motor.

This is a description of how to get a very cheap, very accurate encoder and DC motor/gearbox working together.

A Self-organising Peer to peer Cell-based WiFi Network

Say that twice!

Automated Circuitry Making

One really useful thing would be if a reprap machine could make its own circuitry. This would mean that it would reproduce more of its own parts and therefore be much easier to copy. No more making boards by hand. We have quite a few ideas we'd like to try. Feel free to try them youself (but let us know how it goes!)

Recycling Machine

Recycling Machine: Recycler or Re-Extruder. For worn-out, outdated, or slightly wonky parts, a recycler is a must. Our plastics are biodegradable, but re-use is better than refuse.

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