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Z System assembly

Z System assembly
qty part name description/notes
1 Print area support L-shaped OLD 2.2: File:Print area support-L-shaped plate.PDF
2 SC16LUU 16mm linear bearing with housing
2 16mm Shafts length: 350mm
8 M5x20 socket cap hex screw with washers
1 Z mechanical endstop position it with nylon spacers and n.2 M3x5 button hex head screw
1 Trapezoidal screw 12x2 (MTSBRA12-330-S10-Q8) or 12x3
1 Trapezoidal nut 12x2 (MTSFR12) or 12x3
4 M4x20 hex screw and nut Trapezoidal nut screws
4 SK16-kit Shaft supports + M5x16 screws + HNTF6-5 t-nut


Z stepper motor assembly

Z motor
qty part name description/notes
1 Z Stepper motor support plate
2 M6x12 socket head screw
2 M6 post assembly nut Misumi HNTF6-6 or Bosch 3842501753
1 Z Stepper motor nema 17 1.7A
4 M3x10 hex screws + washer motor screws
1 Motor-Trapezoidal coupler flexible coupling 5 mm and 8 mm diameter

Take the stepper motor for the z-axis and join the motor shaft toward top to stepper plate with the screws and washers (stepper motor kit of this section checklist).

On the other side of the stepper plate, add the flexible coupling to the motor shaft (5mm of diameter).

HackerBot step 27

Print plate (Heatbed)

Print Plate (Heatbed)
qty part name description/notes
1 Aluminium BED support File:Aluminium heatbed support.dwg
5 M5x20 + washer + nut
2 Bed support reinforcement
4 M3x14 + washer
2 M3x14
HackerBot step 29

Z Endstop adjustment

Z Endstop adjustment
qty part name description/notes
1 Z endstop tuning support File:Z Endstop tuning.pdf
1 Z endstop knob
1 Z endstop spring
1 M3 threaded rod length 65mm Only bowden type head
1 M3 threaded rod length 80mm Only direct type head with Vulcano E3D hotend
1 M5 Socket head screw M5x16
1 HNTF6-5 T-nut

Assemble Z endstop knob, M4 threaded rod with a grub screw (or use Loctite 243)

HackerBot step 30.1


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