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HackerBot Documentation

Before You Begin

The following online manual has been made ​​easier by the addition of pictures but assumes that you have experience and build skills to also understand the steps that have not been described in deep details.

Please take care of all the safety precautions when assembling, machining, testing, whatever.

Assembling a 3D printer ground up requires some skills: the strict rule is to do the electrical connection only if you are qualified.

Please read Safety rules first.


HackerBot project design files are on GitHub:

OUTDATED, CHECK WIKI STEPS.Complete bill of materials for HackerBot v 2.0 >>> File:HackerBot V2 BOM.zip

For any questions just drop a mail at [email protected]

Assembly Instructions

Before assembling a HackerBot, make sure you have all the necessary parts.

Every assembly / build step is documented with a photo and a short but clear description.