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HackerBot Documentation

Base structure

  • Hackerbot 2.0 uses MISUMI profile, but you can also use Bosch-Rexroth
  • 600mm profile should be M8 threaded one side (length of thread about 40mm)
  • Assemble the frame structure checking the squareness and assemble it also on a flat workbench
  • Insert first all the pre assembly nuts into the slots, then assemble all the pre assembly brackets
  • Last step is the n.4 Brackets post assembly (red brackets, check the photo)
  • TODO: two brackets for internal PMMA cover
Structure BOM
qty part name description/notes
11 EFSFB6-3030-450 3-slots 30mm aluminum extrusion 450mm
4 EFSTB6-3030-600 2-slots 30mm aluminum extrusion 600mm
2 EFSB6-3030-450 4-slots 30mm aluminum extrusion 450mm
40 HBLFSB6-C-SET Bracket set (pre assembly)
2 HBLFSB6-C-SET Bracket set (pre assembly)
2 HBLBS6 Internal bracket 8mm slot
4 FBF33-8-30 M8 rubber foot
4 HFCB6-3030-B Set plugs profile

Structure assembly


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